Saturday, December 28, 2013

One Year Old

Better late than never...
so now that baby has been one since
I am posting her birthday pictures!
We had a little family birthday party for her a few days before her 
actual birthday.
Auntie Ceara hosted the little party...
I stress out too much before a party 
and Ceara loves hosting them...
win, win!
Angelina had never tasted a cupcake prior to her Birthday...
And I have to say she loved it!
{and I also have to say, she hasn't had another one since!}

After Cake
{and an outfit change!}
it was time to open the gifts!
Angelina didn't really get into opening them up too much..
good thing her brother and sister were more 
than willing to help!

A very
Happy Birthday Party!
For her actual birthday we brought her to the mall
and had her ears pierced!
Still cant believe how time flies...
my baby is a year old...
on her way to being a toddler!

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