Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Broken Nose...

We had quite an exciting 
Christmas Holiday this year...
The weekend before Christmas,
Elsie fell outside on the frozen cement and 
broke her nose!
Within 2 hours of her breaking it,
is had swelled up so much she couldn't even 
breath out of it!
We brought her to the ER for xrays
to make sure all was okay.
The day after she broke her nose,
she looked tough, but not too bad.
The day after that,
2 black and blue eyes, 
 black and blue and swollen nose,
eyes so swollen they looked like slits.
She was in rough shape!
For the first week Elsie had a 
head ache daily.
Then loss of appetite, insomnia, change of moods...
so she was also diagnosed with a 
we are now at 3 weeks since she broke her nose...
and she is still dealing with all the
concussion symptoms.
The Doctor said it still could be several 
months before all the symptoms go away completely!
She is one tough little cookie! 
The hardest part for her is that she cannot 
do kick boxing or sledding or 
any rough or physical activity
until all the symptoms go away.
Poor girl...
this might be a very, very long winter!
Just remember...
Never ever,
under any circumstances,
run over cold icy ground,
with hands in pockets! 

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