Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Campfire Night...

A few weeks ago Auntie Ceara invited us
over for a Campfire!
This summer she has been a nanny for 2 little
girls who have become good
friends for Elsie...
so all the kids had a blast running around!
The kids kept busy dancing in the
beautiful sunset...
Our host...
the beloved Auntie Ceara!
My kids...especially James...
loves her!
Fun pictures...

Ceara supplied the Marshmallows
and we supplied the
super cool stereo system!
The kids little CD player works far better than you would think!
At least we blared
Katy Perry and Lady Gaga like there was no tomorrow!
{and maybe a little Justin Bieber much to Elsie's dismay!}
James is quite a little ladies man...
he loves Emma and Abby,
and they love him...
they kept busy pushing him around on his little
retro rocket!

James also kept busy making sure
we never ran out of wood for the fire!
Some of the pieces were too big for his little hands...
good thing Uncle Colter was near by to help him out!
The girls found it important to trek off into the woods
in search of sticks for the campfire...

The kids were so busy running around and dancing
that they almost forgot about the most important part of a campfire
Roasting the Marshmallows!
I love the way my kids roast marshmallows...
they carefully stick the marshmallows on the skewer,
search for the perfect place to roast them,
and roast them for about 10 seconds
before announcing they are perfectly done!
James enjoyed his fair share of the treats!

As dusk approached Ceara brought out the
All I need to say is,
Ceara knows how to provide a fun time
and the kids had a blast...
James was a wild man with the sparklers!
And he did burn one finger,
{and we didn't even know until the next day when we
saw the blister!}
The kids fell asleep very quickly that night...
and slept soundly all night long!
I think it's safe to say they had a good time!

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