Monday, August 27, 2012

"Look Mom!"

Some little boys bring their mother
rocks and sticks
Not mine...
James had been outside with Uncle Colter
They came in the house and Colter said,
"Hey, Shasta, James brought you something!"
That is a scary statement knowing those two were together!
I came out the entry room
and met James
Who was proudly holding a
dead Chipmunk
by the tail!
James is a rough kind of boy
who screams if a frog startles him,
doesn't like butterflies
and thunder makes him shake in fear...
But, I guess a
Dead Chipmunk
isn't icky or scary in the least!
He walked into the dining room and flopped
it on the table!
We did make him bring it back outside
and wash his hands...
well, I think he washed his hands.
{this happened a few weeks ago and he is
still alive, so it doesn't matter now if he did or not!}
On a side note,
don't ya just love his outfit!?
James loves picking out his own clothes now
and wearing pj pants as clothes
is quite vogue
{in his opinion anyhow!}
and the pj pants look best when paired with
work boots
racing jersey and
a john deere hoodie...
Love a boy with a pretty cool style and
a whole lotta personality going on!

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