Monday, August 20, 2012

29 Week Belly...

29 Weeks already!
The last trimester.
76 days until her due date!
according to the baby app on my phone, Angelina should be
17" long and
2.9 lbs. 
These next 11 weeks can speed on by,
in my opinion anyhow!
I am more than ready for Angelina to be born!
In the last few weeks, I have had lots of indigestion.
Not fun!
The old wives tale says indigestion means lots of hair...
time will tell!
In the last ultrasound, they didn't mention hair.
With both James and Elsie, we saw hair on the ultrasounds!
I have had no cravings really,
just easy to make foods for the kids!
Pregnancy insomnia has started!
That is almost as lovely as the indigestion!
I find myself so tired, yet unable to sleep...and naps are not an option of me!
I went to the Dr. again a few days ago.
A good apt again!
No strict bedrest {just bedrest}, no dilating and no medicine!
Yay, yay, yay!
 I have strict orders to go back to the hospital with increased contraction/pressure though.
I have high hopes of that not happening!

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