Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Photo Dump...

A peek into our week via phone pictures...

1. Last Friday evening the kids and I enjoyed a little campfire at Ceara's house.
And Daddy surprised us by coming home earlier than we thought!
2. We rocked out to some pretty good music of the fancy stereo system!
The music of choice was
Crazy Frog and Wedding music!
3. When it got dark, the kids did some sparklers!
James is wild with sparklers...
just like his daddy...
and he burnt his finger on the stick,
and we didn't know about it until we saw the blister
the next day!
Bad parents award, I know!
4. Elsie spent half the weekend glued to her
new Leapster.
At least she was sitting outside getting fresh air,
5. On Saturday we went to 3 garage sales in town.
And we found some
vintage hot rollers!
6. How could I possibly pass up such adorable
vintage rollers!?
And they were half off the marked price of
I was happy.
Jon might have rolled his eyes.
7. Jon and Elsie worked on cleaning up the
Flower garden last weekend.
It needed it.
I weeded it one time this whole summer,
so you can imagine how tall the weeds were!
Looks much better now.
Thank you, ya!
8. James found a pair of cowboy boots in his box of winter clothes.
He calls them, "Tows"
{Cows with a T!}
He looks do darn cute in them...
and so tall and grown up!
9. I have to give Jon grief.
He loves to play games on his phone.
It annoys me.
He becomes rather involved.
Like the house could catch fire, and he might not notice.
Though he gives he grief for being addicted to
We harass each other.
We call it our love language!
10. Elsie and Ceara made a special meal
Mini Taco Salads!
Elsie was the waitress and came with take our order!
She is at such a fun age!
11. Elsie and her special Mini Taco Salad!
They were yummy!
She has the makings of a great cook!
12. My reflection in the van window.
Because I am a dork like that who takes pictures of my own reflection.
Does that make me weird?
I hope not, I do it often!
13. Fishing with Papa Wayne...
Fun times!
14. My big baby belly,
a plate of watermelon and blueberries
computer time...
that is my evening most nights.
I live an exciting life don't be jealous.
15. James has been anti-nap.
We don't agree on it though, I think he needs one.
After no nap all week, not sleeping good at night due to being overly-tired,
I drove him around last night until he fell asleep.
And it was only 6:30.
He got into trouble on our car ride for
1. rolling down the window and throwing stuff out the window.
{I then locked the window}
2. Opening the door wide open as we drove down main street!
{I then put child safety lock on}
As you can tell, he was overly tired and rather
out of control!!
Today was a much, much better day!
16. Since James went to bed super early,
Elsie and I enjoyed some quiet time together.
We played Candy Land...
{and she won 3 out of 4 games!}
and I taught her Mancala!
She is a fast learner.
She won.
And I didn't even try to let her!
17. Today Elsie and Ceara put together a puzzle.
And one piece was missing.
Why does it seem like there is always one piece missing from every puzzle!?
18. James and mommy cuddle time!
In truth, I was keeping him in the bedroom with me
so I could rest my belly 
and keep James out of the kitchen while 
Elsie and Ceara made dinner!
Taking self- portraits works every time to keep this little guy happy! 

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Anonymous said...

Umm.. Your son is not old enough or big enough to be using an adult seat belt! He should still be in the 5 pt harness.

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