Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This week my Dad has been home all week, on vacation.
Yesterday he decided to bring all the kids to the lake and go Fishing!
That made for some very happy kids!
Elsie is now begging for her own little pole so she and Daddy can go fishing together sometime!

James loved the idea of fishing.
But I think he loved the idea of being at the lake even more.
And he loved the fact that the fishing pole could be used like a weapon of sorts!

Elsie loved fishing way more than I thought she would!
Though she did announce that there was no way in heck she was going to touch a worm!
Typical girl, I guess!
Water is far too enticing to children.
It wasn't long before the little kids abandoned their fishing poles and just played in the water!

Auntie Ceara tried her hardest to help James,
but he proved to not be much of a fishermen,
just a water bug!

The kids were actually catching fish...
just little tiny ones, but still a fish!
Elsie was pretty excited!
One of the kids suggested bringing the fish home and butchering it for dinner!
As you can tell, just Papa Wayne and Colter are the fishers of the family!

The kids decided to fill a big bucket up with water
and keep the fish in it.
Filling that bucket kept James busy for a little while!
The fish kinda appeared to be half dead when they put it in the bucket...
but the kids didn't mind!
What a fun summer afternoon with Papa Wayne!

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