Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Phone Dump...

Where has this week gone!?
I cannot believe it is already Friday!
Here is a peek into our week via phone pictures...
1. Last Friday Daddy took the day off!
Grandma B. and Daddy took the kids to the fair!
They had a blast, rode on rides, ate cotton candy, played games and came home with treasures!
Before the fair, we met Daddy at the park for Tacos...
then Daddy when to his chiropractor apt and the kids and I went to my sister's house.
Then it was off to the fair!
{Mommy went home though, thanks to least I snuck out for a little bit!}
 2. stylin' kids at the park...
 3. Sometimes I am an amazing mother
and I feed my children healthy food
from the Dairy Queen!
{I never hear my kids complain though!}
 4. Friday evening Daddy went to the
Baja Races in town...
so it was just the kids and I at home.
We spent the evening watching a movie
and You Tube videos!
My kids were happily watching videos in Spanish!
Since they only speak English, I have a funny feeling they had no clue what was going on!
 5. Sometimes life is quite tragic
especially when you are two years old
and your purple back-back won't zip up quite the way you wanted.
The only logical thing left to do is have a fit in the corner!
 6. Daddy's car has a sunroof...
What can possibly be better than sticking your whole head out the sunroof!?
Simple childhood moments...
 7. What fun!
Daddy will probably never again let me drive the kids in his car...
because not only did I let them stick their heads out the sunroof,
but I bought them tacos and fries too...
and they ate them in the car!
Mommy's car rules and Daddy's car rules are a bit different!
 8. My sister got all her wedding pictures back from her photographer!
They all turned out beautiful!!
 8. This week Ceara has been coming over to our house all week to help me with the kids so I can be on "bedrest"
Both the kids adore Auntie Ceara...
Elsie loves that Ceara fixes hair all fancy like!
A fishtail braid.
I have no clue how to do one!
 9.James is going through a transition.
A NO nap transition.
I think he still needs one, he thinks he does not.
He gets overly tired at bedtime and cant settle down when he skips his nap.
So sometimes it feels like we drive to the end of the earth waiting for him to fall asleep on car rides.
He exasperates me most days.
Thank goodness this is just a phase.
I hope!
 10. This week I have had a fairly good week.
Evenings are always full of pain though because I over do it all day.
It was so nice to have Ceara here to get the kids dinner, clean up the dinner mess and take the kids on a long walk so I could relax in the tub!
 11. Wednesday was Grammie's birthday!
My kids love celebrating other people's birthdays!
James picked out a special outfit all on his own in honor of Grammie's birthday.
A bow tie, a tie, a button down shirt, baseball shorts and suspenders!
And yes, I brought him to the dollar store dressed like that!
He had to pick out a gift for grammie.
He chose a plastic spider man plate and a giant squirt gun!
I think it was just what Grammie wanted!
 12. Elsie also wanted to look fancy for Gammie's birthday...
after thinking for a bit she came up with a new hair style to surprise Grammie with!
You see, Elsie knows Grammie loves trees,
so she wanted her hair to look like a tree!
{we used a straw to keep it standing strait up!}
Elsie went with Ceara to JCPenny's and picked out a pair of
Turquoise earrings and 2 bracelets for Grammie.
I love my Children's generous hearts!
 13. Since Ceara came to our house to help all week,
 my children were very happy to be back at home and playing with all their own toys!
I think living at Grammie's for the last couple months has been hard on them!
I think we are all ready for Angelina to be born so we can all get our own schedules back! Almost 7 weeks until full-term!
 14. The kids spent a couple hours playing play-doh!
Elsie made a play-doh face and wanted me to take a picture to text to Daddy.
Love her creativity!
I am linking up again with Life Rearranged.
Last week I posted and was all ready to link up,
but I forgot to join the link party!
Pregnancy brain hard at work!

life rearranged

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