Friday, May 31, 2013

Mustache Man...

Every little Child needs their
Daddy's have an entirely different way of
playing with kids than
mommy's do.
Daddy's get kids wild,
they have chases,
pillow fights,
tickle monsters...
they get wild and crazy.
Our kids laugh till they get hiccups
when they are playing with Daddy!
One evening Daddy grabbed James
and an orange marker,
and pretended to be a
tattoo artist giving James an orange mustache!
He even completed the moment by making the loud
"Zzzzzz" of the tattoo machine.
And James squirmed and giggled the
whole time!
 James loves the idea of facial hair...
I'm sure James will never want to shave when he is older!
 The next day we found James and his
little friend, Braylon
colouring mustaches on each other!
Fun memories!

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