Wednesday, May 22, 2013


My perfectly mellow baby is getting
a back bone and an opinion!
She can certainly voice her concern when things
aren't quite right!
Now that she is mobile,
she loves to find little things on the floor...
Like Lego's are no longer
played with in the living room!
 If you take a toy away
{or if she simply drops it}
she will let you know that she is pretty ticked!
 Life is just no fair sometimes!
She was trying her hardest to crawl over to the Lego's...
and we kept moving her away and
taking the Lego's away.
Poor girl!
{Prior to this day we didn't know she was
quite so we now have a strict
"no little toys in the living room" rule...
and a
"no food in the living room" rule too...
baby is just too fast!}

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