Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mother's Day...

Elsie and James were so excited
for Mother's Day this year.
They made all the plans then
talked to Daddy
and had him help them figure it all out.
The day before
Mothers Day I took the entire afternoon
and went shopping with
Angelina and my sister, Ceara...
So the kids and Jon worked on their plans...
Their first plan was
making a cake.
And leave it Elsie,
she had a specific cake in mind she wanted to make.
And Daddy was happy to help her.
I didn't get a picture of it though on my camera.
Next on the plan were gifts.
Daddy brought the kids to the store,
and they chose well.
They know I love all things girly...
so Elsie chose new fingernail polish
and James chose Lipstick.
They even got my favorite brand and colour of
we had a fun and laid back mother's day...
We walked to church,
visited with my mom,
brought Jon's mom some cake,
enjoyed some family time...
and ended the day with a
campfire and snacks at my sister's house.
It was a good day.

A little side note I wanted to add
because it's too cute not to remember...
the kids were so excited about the little gifts they
picked out to give me,
that after they wrapped them up,
they hid them so I wouldn't find them.
James was so excited he kept hiding then
re-hiding his gift.
In the end, he hid it so well
and so many times,
no one could find it!
They next day the kids found the gift
stashed away in the closet,
behind all the dresses hanging up!
He is too darn funny!

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