Monday, May 6, 2013

Sitting Up...

This little one of mine,
seems to be growing and changing
by leaps and bounds lately...
she now sits up
unassisted and plays by herself now!
And she is SO close to crawling
that I am getting scared!
And she picks up little finger goods
like rice or bread
off her tray and feeds herself!
And she can walk across the yard holding onto
our fingers!
James grew up so fast,
I swear he practically skipped being a baby...
so I was kinda hoping
Angelina would be happy to be
my baby for a long time...
but she is growing up fast!

Slow down,
baby girl...
no need to rush...
I kinda want to just rock and cuddle with you
a little longer!

* My blog might be pretty quiet for the next few weeks.
I am working on goals and am pretty excited!
I will try to do some pre-written posts or
wordless posts.

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