Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sleepy Time...

I have always loved
to rock babies to sleep...
even when I was a nanny,
I rocked the babies to sleep.
I've rocked our babies to sleep.
I rocked our foster baby to sleep.
Then along comes Angelina...
if she doesn't fall asleep while nursing,
she squirms in my arms until  I lay her down
on the bed and cover her up.
She scoots around and finds
her cozy little place,
then falls asleep.
By herself.
Without me rocking her!
Sad, sad, sad!
Sometimes if she is busy playing
and I don't put her down for a nap at
her regular time,
She will just fall asleep on the floor.
Our kids have always been awesome
night time sleepers,
but never ever have they been great nappers!
So Angelina
is kinda throwing me for a loop.
I'm sure her love of napping will come to end soon...
so I better enjoy it while it lasts!

Peaceful little lady...

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