Monday, May 20, 2013


A guess I needed a week long
blogging break!
I was feeling overwhelmed with
not being able to keep up with everything...
baby was teething,
no time to cook descent meals,
baskets of clean laundry waiting to be folded were piling up,
I was snappy with the kids
and had little patients.
So blogging was on the back burner.
After a fun family weekend,
beautiful weather,
a daddy who kept the kids busy
while I got everything back on track,
I am feeling much more on top of things again!
And baby now has 5 teeth
and is back to some lovely 2 hour naps!
And I pre-cooked food for baby,
a menu for the week,
and the laundry is all clean, folded and put away.
I think it's going to be a good week!

 Sometimes I need to remember
it's okay to
not always be on top of things...
its okay if my plans fall apart.
A basket of un-folded laundry isn't the end of the world.
A bag of store bought meatballs and a can of beans
for dinner is okay...
the kids will survive!
 I need to slow down and remember
my kids wont remember
those little details anyhow.
They will remember the little moments.
The little things we do together.
How I make them feel.
The simple things in life.
The laughter.
The fun.
 I guess creating warm fuzzies
is far more important than the perfect meal,
and a perfect house.
Cherish the little moments...

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