Thursday, May 29, 2014

Colouring Eggs...

Okay,  this post should have gone 
before the 
Easter one...
but oh well!
Daddy was gone for the 2 weeks before Easter...
which meant if the kids
were going to dye Easter eggs,
It was up to me...
The night before we did the colouring,
I sat down and blew out 2 dozen eggs.
That's 24 eggs.
My mouth was sore for a few days.
I was light headed all evening.
Next year it better be Jon's turn to 
blow out the eggs! 

Don't worry,
Angelina did not get left out...
though we did give her pink so her fingers 
wouldn't be quite as stained!
She mostly just used a marker and decorated her egg.

James was the very creative
{and very messy}
one this year!

Elsie has become so
"clean" when doing projects...
and so systematic.
I love watching her grow up and 
finding her groove.
We had some pretty fun and very colourful eggs 
to put on the 
Easter Egg tree...
and a few even made it into the 
special box of eggs we save 
every year.

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