Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Easter Memories...

This post with all the Easter pictures
has been sitting in the draft file since 
a few days after Easter!
I always have great intentions of blogging 
right away...
but Life happens and I just cant squeeze it all in.
Better late than never I guess!
Since this is so late...
very few words!
My mind is always racing with a million other things
and I can barley even remember Easter!
At the kids request the Easter baskets were 
hidden in random places in the house...
Elsie's was in the stove,
James in the tub 
and Angelina's on the book shelf.
The Easter Bunny spoiled them good this year!
The Easter Bunny likes to do little 
themes with the gifts...
this year is was all about Beach Fun!
Beach towels,
pool floaties,
Big water toys/floaties,
Camp silverware,
and more than I can remember! 

After church,
we went to my parents house for 
dinner, and an egg hunt and lots of visiting...

Angelina loved the Egg hunt!

We had a fabulous Easter...
perfect weather,
lots of family,
Good memories...
a perfect day...

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