Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Christmas Eve...

Every year we open our 
stocking stuffers on 
Christmas eve.
The stocking stuffers are almost more
exciting than opening the big 
gifts on Christmas morning!
We each take turns opening gifts...
James was so excited for everyone to open 
their gifts,
that he opened his up last because he kept 
handing out gifts to everyone else!
All the stocking stuffers are just 
little dollar items that I collect all year long 
from sales and clearance shopping. 
And we get a few of the same items every single year...
band aids, tooth brushes and scrubbies to name a few.
Angelina wasn't feeling too good,
but she still got into ripping open the gifts!
2 days before Christmas eve,
Angelina had the stomach flu,
then the day before she ate some of her cousins 
dairy and wheat food and had 
terrible indigestion all of Christmas eve...
poor girl!
Angelina found lots of earrings in her stocking!

James spent quite a bit of time 
video taping from the leap pad...
didn't want to miss a single memory,
I guess!

Someone found a spiffy new hat 
in one of his little gifts...
still wears it on an almost daily basis!
And Elsie found the coveted 
lump of coal in her stocking!
Last year we started the tradition of the lump of coal.
Last year Elsie gave daddy the lump...
so this year was Daddy's turn to give it someone.
He quietly wrapped it up and slipped it into
Elsie's stocking. 
She was pretty happy to open it up...
because now she gets to wrap it up and 
slip it into someone elses stocking next year!
We are hoping this will be another fun tradition 
that will continue when our children
are grown...
Side note:
3 days before Christmas eve Elsie fell,
and broke her nose...
so she looked downright lovely for Christmas!
Christmas memories for sure!

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