Monday, February 10, 2014

Reindeer Food...

Its our yearly tradition to make 
Reindeer food...
Someday I will be sad when the kids are
too old for this!
While the kids are off playing 
in the other room,
I raid the pantry for random crazy {and stale}
food items,
put them in fancy dishes and call for the kids...
The kids love mixing up the special food...
all while talking about 
where the reindeer will land,
how they will eat the food,
how Santa will get in to bring the gifts...
magical stuff...
I love, love, love listening to them!

Glitter is what makes the 
Reindeer food special.
Its the secret ingredient.
Its helps the reindeer to fly!

Christmas eve,
before the fancy meal at 
Grammie and Papa Wayne's house,
the kids carefully sprinkle all the food outside 
on the snow.
The glitter reflects off the moon
and shows the reindeer where to stop next.
There is nothing quite as magical as 

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