Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Christmas Eve Pictures...

No Christmas eve is complete without the 
fancy clothes and pictures in front of the 
Christmas tree.
This year we didn't make it to church...
and I still feel bad about it!
But baby was so miserable with indigestion,
Elsie was still in pain with her nose
and it was bitterly cold outside!
We still made it to Grammie and Papa Wayne's house
for a fancy meal though...
and for the $5 movie exchange.

Before we left though,
the kids remembered to sprinkle the Reindeer food outside!

I'm not sure we have ever remembered to take a 
family picture in front of our own tree...ever...
we have one every year in front of my 
parents tree though!
We had a lovely Christmas eve...
even if Angelina did burp with her indigestion and 
spit up avocado all over the dining room floor just 
as everyone was sitting down to eat.

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