Thursday, February 13, 2014

Christmas Morning...

There is just something so priceless
about Christmas morning...
the excitement, the joy, the energy...
I wish I could somehow capture all the 
emotion of the day!
Angelina was at such a fun age this year...
she understood how to open the gifts 
and she wasso excited and happy!

Elsie looked like such a hoot with those eyes!
But she was so happy and excited...
and so was James!
James knew his big package was 
behind the tree...
so he dove right in to get it out!
Love the way a boy's mind works!
We leisurely take turns opening gifts...
the kids always have to take the toys out of the 
packages and play with them before
moving on to the next gift.
I love that opening of gifts lasts for a couple hours.
And Daddy always get the job of reading 
through all those instructions 
and putting together all those tiny pieces!

Angelina opened up a 
tiny red piano...
its very noisy and she loves it!

I don't handle messes well,
but I love the kind of mess 
Christmas morning creates!
I love to sit there and take the moment in
and just imagine the memories 
my kids have!

Angelina gave Elsie the famous
rubber band making kit...
and its a little harder than it looks at first...
good thing Daddy is always willing to figure things out!
I think this is the last of our 
Christmas Pictures...
we had a fabulous Christmas filled with 
so many warm cozy memories...
Part of me is always a little sad when 
Christmas is over...
its such a magical time of the year and I just want 
to hang onto it for as long as possible!
We may or not be on the count down for 
next Christmas already...

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