Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sewing Lessons

We have been keeping busy this fall...
On the few chilly days we have had,
we have found ways to keep busy inside...
Like teaching Elsie how to sew!
Jon's grandma, Ardis,
always gives Elsie bags of all her fabric scraps...
so Elsie's goal is to sew them together into a 
little quilt for her doll.
Elsie is doing so good sewing...
she is very sure of herself 
and does some pretty good strait lines!
She is now good enough that 
after I help her get the fabric lined up,
I can walk away and she will sew the pieces together,
raise the needle and foot and cut the threads
all by herself!
She is slightly proud of herself!
James has also been trying to learn how to sew.
He loves to do anything that his sister does!
James has incredibly strait lines...
because he pretty much floors the peddle 
and goes so fast there
is no time for the fabric to slide around!
Elsie is now asking for her own sewing machine...
I have visions of the two of us sewing projects together...
Love their learning spirit...

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