Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Road Trip...

We have kinda been in the middle of 
little baby boom last month...
2of my sisters had babies born about 
2 weeks apart...
both boys!
Kinda Fun!
My one sister lives over 4 hours away in 
home of the jolly green giant!
The weekend after little 
Henry was born,
we went on a little road trip to meet the baby.
I was proud of myself...
I shopped, packed, loaded the van and 
drove the first two and a half hours
by myself...
We picked Jon up at work on the way.
The kids road super good...
the Dvd player is my Bff!
{as are McDonald fries!}
We got to BE late...
Jon, James and Angelina
were all sleeping by the time we got there...
don't worry though, as soon as the car turned off,
they were wide awake!
My sister, Ana, was kind enough to make some cute
little fruit and veggie platters
when we first got there...
Angelina repaid her kindness by 
promptly choking a piece of watermelon
and puking on the floor.
We know how to leave an impression!
The kids had fun playing with their cousins...
we swam in the pool,
went for a walk,
visited the jolly green giant,
went on a drive to see the farm country,
cuddled with little baby Henry...
Oh yes,
and zoned out in front of some cartoons!
They kids were pretty pooped out from staying up so late...
James stood in that exact position 
with the phone up to his ear,
for the length of an entire cartoon!
We thought maybe he would fall asleep,
but no such luck!
Elsie is the remote keeper!
Jon has a hard time with that one!

I only took a few pictures of Henry...
we were always so busy with kids and talking,
that taking the big camera out kinda slipped my mind!
He sure is a sweet little guy...
Wish we would've snuck him into our bags and 
brought him home!
We had a fun little trip...
Can't wait to cuddle little Henry again at 
Christmas time!

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