Thursday, October 24, 2013


We are still alive!
I don't think I've ever been such a terrible blogger before!
I simply get busy with other things...
I only blog at night after the 
little ones are sleeping...
and lately I've been doing other things
like sewing and making lists and plans 
to make the next day get off to a good start!
It's shocking that Halloween is next week already!
We have been busy making 
Halloween costumes,
and doing plenty of Halloween crafts!
The kids have been begging to carve their huge pumpkins
for the last couple of weeks...
Last week I finally brought them up town and let 
them each pick out a little pumpkin to paint!

Since my last post,
baby girl turned 1!
We had a little birthday celebration for her...
and she got her first cupcake...
Perhaps someday I will post all the pictures! 

Fall is almost over...
winter is almost here.
Not sure how I feel about that!
On the up side,
right after Halloween is 
then on to the 
Christmas festivities!
I love, love, love 
this festive time of the year!

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