Friday, October 4, 2013

My Girl...

Elsie is almost 6!
Yes that is correct...six!
It's shocking.
I remember when she was a little bitty 
six pound baby...
6 years old, seemed like a lifetime away...
she is almost 6!
I hope the next 6 years go by a little slower!
Elsie is still my 
quiet, thoughtful, sensitive girl.
And such a girly girl.
She is a true Diva!
This girl is rarely seen without makeup on...
her favorite is bright turquoise eye makeup with 
plenty of sparkles!
No shopping trip is complete without 
looking at the girls clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup.
{she kinda exasperates her daddy sometimes!}
Elsie's favorite thing to do is still colouring, drawing and writing.
She is never far from
a notebook, pen and coloured pencils!
She is a perfectionist though...
so she usually crumples up several pictures in anger 
because something isn't quite right!
But she never gives up...
she will keep on working at something till
she finally figures it out!
Dolls are still Elsie's favorite thing to play with!
Her Christmas list is full of 
American Girl things
for her bitty baby.
Her doll has more clothes than a real baby!
 I will be sad when she is suddenly too big 
to lug her doll around with her.
Elsie is very proud of the fact that she is 
Home educated...
she always tells people,
"oh, I don't go to school!"
Her favorite subject is reading.
She has some new reading books for school...
and I catch her trying to read them all the time 
to her brother and sister!
Such a sweetheart.
Love my little Elsie Jane girl!
I wish she would stay this age forever...

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