Thursday, October 3, 2013

I am a Mother...

Sometimes I still feel 
when I realize I am a mother.
Sometimes I feel like I'm still too 
young and immature to be a mother...
shouldn't I be older and wiser,
if I am a mother!?
I remember struggling for a long time 
with going to college or not.
I thought I had to 
"do" something to "be" someone.
How wrong I was!
In the end discovered my calling, passion and dream was 
simply to be a mother.
Being a mother is what I am meant to be.
I am a nurturer.
a giver.
I have true fulfilment and contentment.
I get frustrated often.
I loose my temper far too much.
Sometimes I just want to run away, by myself.
But at the end of each day,
I go to bed with a happy heart.
I struggle with keeping a happy heart.
I let little things bother me.
A messy, unorganized house
is my biggest pet peeve.
I am far from perfect,
but I am working on it.
It amazes me how fast my negative spirit is picked up by the kids!
My kids are my biggest 
inspiration and teacher...
they push me to better myself...
simply because I know I am their model!
This year,
we have added the role of 
to my mothering duties.
I always said I would never homeschool.
Never say never!
We simply feel this the next natural step 
for our family. 
Our goal is to have children who not only thrive but who
Who are creative, well rounded,
secure people
who can stand up proudly for their beliefs...
we feel home school will best help us 
instill those strong qualities.
It makes me happy to watch 
my children become little nurtures.
Elsie already dreams of 
becoming a mommy.
Sometimes its a scary thought to be molding the 
people and minds of our future...
so when I see my children already 
exhibiting such tender qualities...
I cant help but get excited for where their 
lives might take them
and for the unique people they will become.

Being a parent,
a mother...
is simply the most rewarding job.
When I get annoyed and overwhelmed,
I've been trying to remind myself that 
God chose to give me 
3 incredible kids...
Our children are our priceless gifts...

2 comments: said...

i love what you wrote. it all boils down to contentment. and being bold enough to go against the tide. stand up for what you believe in - even if you're the only one standing! and I wish more people (girls & guys) would realize that you don't have to go to college to be 'somebody' ...

you're doing a great job - keep it up!

Annie said...

Oh Shasta - this is so pretty, photos and words.
~ Annie

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