Tuesday, October 1, 2013


It seems like I simply
to blog for over an entire week!
I've been busy doing projects at night...
so computer time has just 
not happened!
During that week long blogging break,
Baby dared to turn 
11 months old!
Yes, you read that correctly...
only a few more weeks till my 
baby is a year old!
I swear just yesterday I was 
rubbing my big belly
wondering what she would look like...
and now she is almost a year old!
The last few weeks Angelina's
personality has really emerged.
She finds everything funny.
One day,
Elsie tripped and fell down...
Angelina sat there doing belly laughs!
Girl is a climber!
I though James was a busy boy when he was little,
but I have a feeling this one is going 
to put his shenanigans to shame!
She has now learned how to
climb on the little rocker,
sit down and rock.
Every time she does it,
the look on her face is just priceless...
she is so happy with herself!
Her little smile is my favorite...
her whole face lights up
and she wrinkles up her little nose! 
Angelina has a favorite food...
which I'm sorry to say is either 
chips or french fries.
Third born. Go figure.
On the up side she goes crazy for
avocados, black beans and mandarin oranges!
She has never had any sweets,
so it will be interesting to see 
what she thinks of Birthday cake!
Angelina has a special blankie she likes to cuddle with.
It is a special blanket grandma B.
knit for her when she was born.
She is pretty protective over the blanket...
one day she saw Elsie had the blanket...
she screamed and pulled on it until she got it!
Last weekend we went on a long 5 hour car ride...
if she cried,
we handed her the blanket and she cuddled it and 
went right to sleep!
It was crazy to watch...
usually our kids are, ummmm,
not good car riders!
Little Miss Angelina Viviana...
pretty much a perfect 
little thing...

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