Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Working Man...

James takes after his Daddy...
he is a hard worker
and he loves to get dirty while working!
Ted and Ceara have been doing some landscaping,
so sometimes James goes and
because nothing is quite as fun as dirt!
 Angelina just sits on a blanket,
eats some snacks and
supervises the work.
 I think Jon secretly loves it when
Ted calls and asks for help...
Jon has a need to always be busy,
so sometimes he gets bored at home
and needs a project or two to keep him busy!
 James analyzes everything his Daddy does...
then he mimics him.
 I'm sure that at almost 3,
James knows how to use a shovel
better than a lot of adults!
He is truly a good workin' man!
 I love watching James play.
He really believes he is doing big things...
In his mind,
he isn't playing...
he is doing big man work!

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