Monday, July 15, 2013


We are still alive!
With summer in full swing 
Blogging has taken a back burner!
We drop into bed tired from a full day in the sun...
The kids have been staying up way, way past bedtime lately,
And sleeping in so late that its not 
Unusual to to find us just finishing
Breakfast at close to noon! 
.We have been so busy enjoying summer 
that I haven't even looked 
at the fourth of July pictures!
I may or not post them 
by Christmas time
at the rate I go lately!
if you don't see any new blog posts from me
for awhile,
just know its because we are out and about
fully embracing summer time...
all to soon it will be 
winter with snow and school and 
staying home and bundled up!
So we are going to enjoy this 
as long as we can!

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