Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Water Girl...

Angelina loves being outside...
if she sees an open door,
she crawls over to it as fast as she can
and cries till we bring her out.
Her primary reasons for wanting out are
1. Water...pool, water table, buckets of water...she loves water!
2. Eating grass and bits of leaves and who knows 
what else! I've pretty much given up on
keeping things out of her mouth...
she spits everything out anyhow!
3. Sandbox! She loves sand! She loves to just 
sift it through her hands...
through she also likes to eat it!
 James loves being outside too...
in his underpants.
Because its nice and cool.
And when you are 3 its totally acceptable 
to wear just your undies anywhere you go!
Angelina stands next to everything in site!
She is starting to want to climb on top
of things too!
And she now stands all by herself
in the middle of the room for a 
few seconds before falling down!
Sometimes she tries to let go of whatever she is standing
next to and just
walk way...
but her legs are too wobbly...
and she has a nice little bruise on her 
cheek from trying.
The first of many,
I'm thinking!

Give this baby a bucket of water
and she will keep busy for quite some time!
She loves to splash in water...
This pictures sums up my favorite little things 
about Baby this summer 
that I don't want to forget...
the baby rolls,
chubby fingers,
soggy diaper from playing in water,
over turned water bucket,
tan lines in fat rolls,
wonder and exploration...
I love this age...

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