Monday, July 1, 2013

Almost 7mo Pictures {at 8monthes!}

I am always behind with things...
so it's only fitting that
I post
Angelina's 7month baby pictures
now that she is 8months old!
It is amazing what
the difference that just one month makes!
In these pictures
her front teeth had just come though,
but you cant even see them!
And her hair is so much longer now!
Today Elsie put a little barrett in baby's hair and
it stayed in!
Angelina loves being outside...
if the slider door if open,
she makes a mad dash crawling to get outside.
I love her little tan lines in her fat rolls on her arms.
You can tell she is an outside girl!
She has gotten really good with
keeping things out of her mouth!
Even when we go to the beach,
she loves to just feel the sand and not eat it.
Angelina is never happy just to
sit down and play...
she is constantly pulling herself up on things...
even the wall!
Far too often she has even tried to stand
without holding onto anything!
One day she even took a little step...
but she fell down right away!
{thank goodness because I'm doing my best to keep her my baby}
She eats pretty much everything now...
She goes crazy for black beans, watermelon and rice chex!
He other favorite is water!
She now recognizes the sign for water
and gets so excited when we ask if she wants any!
She has also discovered how to eat
from an applesauce bag all on her own...
its the only way to get her to eat
"baby food" since all she wants
is big people food!
Angelina is becoming quite a
Daddy's girl!
He gets so excited when Jon comes home...
she stares at him and squeals
until he picks her up...
then she likes to hang on to the
braids of his gotee!
Angelina is quite the little water bug!
She will scream and whine when the kids are playing
in the pool outside,
until we finally plop her in the pool too!
And at the beach,
she crawls right through all the sand and
makes a b-line right for the water...
I find it interesting that she will happily
play in the icy cold water right from the hose
without making an issue at all...
but when she is done eating,
if we don't wait till the water is perfectly warm,
she will make it well known she isn't happy
and wants warm water only!

Our sweet baby girl is growing up
and getting so big!
Jon and I were just talking that her
1st birthday
will here before long!
Time flies...

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