Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Phone Calls...

James loves to talk on the phone.
It's not at all unusual to
find that he found the phone and made
a phone call or two by himself without me knowing!
When the phone rings here,
it's a big fight about who is going to
answer it first.
I almost always loose!
 I think Grandma B. is about the only one
who can understand James on the phone with no problems.
Of course one day she called when I was
in the shower,
so he answered it and told her
I was naked in the shower so I couldn't talk to her.
At least he had it all under control!
 He can do amazing things while talking on the phone.
He pushes the phone so close to his face,
that the touch screen gets activated.
So it's not unusual for him to rename my
contacts with strange random letters!
Or he will put one person on hold and call another person.
I don't even know how to do that!
Good thing it will be several years before he will
get his own phone!
So, if ever you call
{or get a call from me}...

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