Monday, June 10, 2013


The man of many faces.
Gosh, I love that kid.
He keeps us all laughing...
and will make us all gray before long
with all his wild and crazy ways.
I am not even being
 I am happy to say this boy
is completely potty trained.
Oddly enough though,
he prefers to wear a pull-up still.
Or go commando!
I guess undies just aren't his thing!
One day while at Auntie Ceara's house,
James had to go potty.
He wanted to go outside, in the
lilac bush.
Literally IN the bush.
He got in the middle of the bush,
he was holding branches away from his face
with both hands!
His goal was to pee on the flowers...
so he stood in the
middle of the bush,
on his tippy toes, with his back arched...
doing his best to aim way up at the flowers.
I couldn't help but laugh.
He is too funny.
And he has no clue!
Just for the record,
he never did pee on the flowers.
 I cannot count the times we have managed
to get all the way into town
before we realized
James did not wear any shoes.
The boy
HATES shoes!
and Jon and I don't think to remind him to put any on!
{parent's of the year award, I know!}
Recently he has discovered
he thinks socks and shoes are pretty much the same thing.
So now I find him running around
with socks on his feet outside.
He also thinks the feet on his
fuzzy pj's double as shoes too.
Which explains why he can be seen
wearing pj's outside to play at all hours of the day!
Creative mind,
I tell ya!
 James birthday is next month.
He has his birthday list all figured out...
1. a 4-wheeler
2. snowmobile
3. little car that really drives
4. go cart
5. jeep
So, a kinda over the top birthday list!
We'll see what we can come up from that list!
And he is requesting Orange frosting on his cake.
Go figure.
Slightly obsessive about the colour orange lately!
I love my
super L.O.U.D.,
cuddle bug,
little guy.
He is pretty much perfect...

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