Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rice Baby...

Both Jon and I love making baby food...
in the past we have had friendly little
arguments about who gets to
make big batches of baby food to freeze.
With Angelina we only got to make
baby food 1 time...
and most of it's still in the freezer!
This girl just up and decided she didn't have time
for baby food,
but wanted big people food!
She actually snapped her little mouth shut and
simply refused to eat baby food.
If we plopped some big people
food on her tray,
she would happily gobble it right up!
 I have yet to fine a food she doesn't like.
We stream all veggies and
all firm fruits in the steamer...
then just plop them on her tray in chunks
and let her eat away!
 She goes bonkers for
rice, carrots, sweet potatoes and avocados.
She also gets...
apples, bananas, potatoes,
lentils, pears, peaches, beans, oatmeal,
pancakes, green beans, melons...
pretty much all veggies and fruits.
None of which she doesn't like!
 If she happens to notice that we are using
a fork or spoon to feed her,
and she isn't holding one of them...
she will scream until we give her one!
And she makes a specific little grunting noise
when she wants a drink of water.
She loves water and can't get enough!
 Our high chair is rather slippery because its wooden...
she I made a nifty little chair wrap for her.
And it kind of doubles as a bib
and catches all the dropped food!
Last week, Angelina learned a new trick with her food...
when she is done eating she quickly moves her arms back and forth
across the tray...
meanwhile tossing the left over food all over the floor!
boy, do I love that trick!

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