Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Campfire season is upon us!
We keep an extra bag or two of
marshmallows in the pantry at all times...
so we are ready for spontaneous
campfires on weekends!
{the blog has been pretty quiet again
lately because we have been enjoying
summer weather, plenty of campfires and
lots of late nights!}
I love watching the kids roast marshmallows...
Elsie does good...
but James is so busy twisting the roaster in a circle,
to get a good evenly roasted marshmallow,
that he doesn't even notice the
roaster is strait up in the air
and not even close to the fire!
After about 10 seconds of twisting it,
he announces it is done.
So he takes it off and devours it...
never even noticing that it is completely undone!

I love how my kids have no clue what a
s'more is.
They think it is completely normal to simply
eat a roasted marshmallow
with just your fingers.
The happy ignorance of growing up
gluten and dairy free, I guess!

Having a campfire alone,
with just 3 little kids,
is something I'm not willing to do quite yet...
so when Daddy comes home,
the kids always know it's
campfire time!

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