Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Block Building...

James favorite toy lately
has been
the big bin of
Wooden Blocks!
He builds houses, garages, and roads.
We have a big bin of blocks,
and he feels they all must be dumped out,
so we spend the rest of the
afternoon stepping
on and over blocks!
James is such a cool boy.
He has SO much personality...
He is going through that
super annoying phase
of not liking it when I try to take his picture!

James can build some pretty impressive
wooden houses...
He is just starting to get into playing
with the wooden blocks
and little cars.
He likes to line blocks up
leading up to the houses for a road,
then he will zoom his cars on the road!
I love watching James play.
It is so much different than girl play.
He is rough and loud.
He pretends everything makes some kind of a loud noise.
He things everything needs to fixed with a hammer.
Both of my kids have been blessed
with an incredible imagination...
I hope they never loose it!

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