Monday, March 4, 2013

Summer Dreams...

Winter is
in Minnesota...
and cold...
and blah.
So, to boost our spirits
we headed to the pool one Saturday afternoon!
The local hotel in town,
charges $3 for the afternoon of swimming...
and it's perfect because
there is rarely anyone else there...
so we have the whole pool area to ourselves!
The pool is warm...
but for some reason the kids
prefer to just play in the
hot tub!

James is quite the Daddy's boy...
so swimming with Daddy was a blast for him!

Just lately Elsie has gotten over her
"don't my picture" phase...
and now James is entering that phase!
We always bring with some
tupperware bowls
and cups
for scooping water for pretend play...
the kids happily do this for a long time!
And Jon and I get to relax in the hot tub...
perfect, in my opinion!
James loves to dump cups of water over
his own head...
god forbid I dump any water on his head
while attempting to wash hair though!
After we were there for a little while,
Angelina woke up.
So we put her
cute little pink bikini on her
and she enjoyed her first swim!
Elsie was super happy because she
can finally touch the bottom!
And she hasn't forgotten how to swim...
I have a feeling that by
the end of summer,
she will be swimming with no
arm floaties even!
Angelina was a little less than impressed!
The kids and I went swimming
last Monday too,
and Angelina enjoyed herself a little more...
she was even splashing!

I cannot wait till
winter is over and we can sink our toes
in the sand at the beach!
While we were busy swimming we liked to
pretend it was summer...
but reality hit us when we
had to go out in the 15' weather
to get to the car.
But it was a fun afternoon while it lasted!

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