Friday, March 8, 2013


Another week...
Jon is finally coming home today
after being gone for 2 weeks!
We've had a busy week of
enjoying the little things...
1. Angelina doesn't like
bottles...but sometimes I wish she would take one
so I could at least run to the
grocery store and not have worry!
As of the beginning of the week,
the Kleen Kanteen with an
avent nipple was her bottle of choice!
 2. Last year's Jelly Beans...
the kids enjoyed them!
 3. Sisters.
These two have a little cuddle
time every single morning!
 4. Watching Nitro Circus
on Hulu...
with his sister's pink earphones!
 5. All bundled up and headed to
Grandma B's house to play with
the little cousins.
 6. Angelina and I went shopping with
my mom and sisters,
Lisa and Marissa...
Lisa needed a prom dress...
And I even had time to get all
three kids new Easter clothes!
 7. I love having time to just
browse while shopping...
gotta wonder at some of the stuff though...
do you think people really
wear rings like this!?
 8. Monday was a super
grumpy day here!
Too many late nights create
unhappy, sassy children...
so we spent the afternoon reading books
then enjoyed an early bedtime!
 9. We made home made Chinese for dinner!
 10. Elsie was determined
to figure out those chop sticks!
 11. 8,000 melty beads all over
the table...
 12. The finished melty bead project...
 13. Baby got to try out the high chair for the first time!
She is still pretty little though,
she kept slipping down!
 14. James loves to balance
on his little wooden car!
 15. We got a lot of snow...
like at least 8"...
James put on his boots and jacket
and figured he would go out to shovel.
Don't worry,
I made him put clothes on!
 16. I have been busy sewing this week...
I managed to make baby a new
summer hat and decorate it with a flower!
Now we just need summer to
hurry up and get here!
 17. One evening,
James was playing in the closet, and closed the door over his toe...
and got a big cut.
I thought about heading to the ER,
but instead we oped for
some butterfly band aids.
He kept his foot wrapped up in the
towel and laid perfectly flat!
 18. This week Angelina
tried out cloth diapers for the first time!
being that she is the 3rd
cloth diapered baby,
the other kids keep fighting about
whose old diapers she should wear!
Sad to say that most of our old
pink ones are loosing the elastic,
so she is forced to wear the boy colours...
she doesn't seem to mind one bit though!

life rearranged

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