Monday, January 14, 2013

Reindeer Food...

No Christmas is quite complete without
the making of the
Reindeer Food!
I put all the different food that
Reindeer love to eat,
on the tray...
gave each of the kids a glass jar,
and let them mix up some tasty
Reindeer food!
Reindeer are a peculiar animal...
their favorite food is as follows...
kix cereal
{the very old stale kind from the very back of the pantry!}
Dry steel cut oats
{you know, the expensive gluten free kind!}
Mini marshmallows
Dried coconut
Fruity pebbles
lots and lots of glitter!
You see, the glitter is shiny and reflects off the
light of the moon so the
reindeer know just were to land next!
Trust me,
I know these things!
We made the
Reindeer food on
Christmas eve
{because I am super on top of things!}
We kept the jars on the table until
night came...
As we waited for our
Christmas eve dinner to cook,
the kids went outside and sprinkled the
Reindeer food
on the ground...
and in the morning,
a miracle appeared to have happened...
the reindeer food was gone...
as was the cookies and milk
we left for Santa we also all eaten up...
And little gifts were neatly wrapped up
and placed on the kids pillows...
"Do you think
Santa was really here?"
Elsie asked over and over...
to which James replied,
"yeah, hoho!"
How else could the eaten food and gifts possibly
be explained!?

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