Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Just some fun pictures of my girl...
Playing house
all alone in her room.
It is amazing to me how different
Elsie is than her brother...
she is calm and quiet,
happy and contented to play alone.
Elsie is a quiet girl...
she will not talk to many people...
if she talks to you,
consider yourself super lucky!

Elsie is a pretty major crafter!
She has filled 3 scrapbooks with all the
pages she has created...
She has more notebooks full of doodles
than I can even count!
Most things she draws eventually get hung up
somewhere in the house.
She is trying to create a mural of her art
on her bedroom wall...
love that kids don't see tape!
This girl is a planner...
she now has her own
Pinterest board on my account...
and she pins party ideas!
I think she pretty much has the whole
Valentine Party all planned out!
Though she is still struggling with what to wear!
Elsie is girl with her own unique style...
one day when we were getting ready for a girl date of shopping,
she came out wearing
a multi coloured star skirt,
flowered leggings,
stripe knee highs,
a zebra print top
and my leopard print scarf...
 she said it was a colourful and happy outfit,
because she was so happy to go
on a girls date!
Love that about her.
I hope she never changes.

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