Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Phone Dump...

When is the last time I did a
Friday Phone Dump post!?
Now that the baby has a better routine
and the holidays are over,
I will get back into
the Friday posts!
Brace yourself,
this is a long post
since I have lots of
catch-up to do!
Earlier this week I
got the privilege of driving my
husband's car...
its a rare thing.
He is pretty protective over it.
I also discovered a
speeding ticket
in his car.
He said he 'forgot' to tell me about it.
Sure, totally believe that!
Scalloped potatoes for
Sunday Dinner...
the kids helped peel potatoes...
all was fine until James
cut his finger.
Poor boy.
But he was brave and didn't even cry.
{don't worry, it wasn't a sharp knife!}
This is what James does daily.
He truly believes he is fixing his little car!
Love his imagination!
This past week
Jon and I celebrated our
6th wedding anniversary!
We celebrated by having a family day...
and doing nothing...
might sound boring,
but when your husband is away all week,
it's nice is simply be together!
earlier this week some of my sisters
{and my kids} and I
went thrifting...
we found lots of good things!
My favorite was the vintage
for only .98
yes, you read that right..under one dollar...
and the pieces are all there!
It's such a nice feeling to be able to
go grocery shopping whenever I want to...
I missed grocery shopping while on bedrest all summer!
Sometimes I declare
"lets stay in bed all day in our pj's and watch shows"
it lasts about 15 minutes...
the kids and I cannot stand doing nothing...
the thought sounds lovely!
After my Chiropractor appointment,
I stopped and got
french fries and tacos
and brought them home so
the kids could enjoy
some good ol
American junk food for dinner..
I am an awesome mother!
There is a new clothing store
in town.
I am addicted.
Plus every time I go there,
they give me coupons to use next time...
and I hate to let a good coupon go to waste,
so I keep going back to
use them!
I'm sure Jon loves me...
and all my new clothes
{and his lack of money!}
We are working on
"watch where you fling your legs, you have baby sister"
Some days are better than others.
Angelina will be a tough one!
Happy Baby!
Angelina is such a happy
and contented little thing...
and growing like a weed!

My new year's resolution
was to use my time more wisely and do more...
so I have divided my
months into attainable goals.
This month is all about crafting...
crafting with the kids and my own crafting.
My first project was a
new bunting for the living room chalk board...
Next project...
recover the bulletin board on the desk.
February is dedicated to
My closet needs it.
Can't even close the doors!
Sometimes we eat
Rice Krispi Bars for
I mean as dessert.
We are all about healthy eating here!

My personal goal for 2013
is to embrace messes!
I freak out badly at messes.
It was starting to have a 
bad effect on the kids.
So I need to relax and embrace messes!  
Story of my life lately...
sitting in the rocker,
nursing the baby...
enjoying every moment.
She is getting too big too fast...
all too soon this will be over!
A week and a half
and she will be
3 months old...
how did that happen!
Her sweet little smile and giggle
makes me quickly forgive her
to growing up too fast!

We have been attempting the
whole potty training stuff...
all week long
he has pooped in the potty!
Peeing is a different story...
but he will get it soon enough!
Best friends...
worst enemies..
it changes by the moment.
Cuddle bug.
Evenings are my favorite...
after the kids go to bed,
it's just
Angelina and I!
I am embracing messes.
And finding a balance between relaxing
and teaching good
clean up and organizing habits!
Baby's got style going on!
I am a it obsessive about silly stylish things...
and maybe I stayed up
far to late one night
making little
pom poms and attaching them to socks for the baby!
They are cute though and totally worth dark circles under my eyes!

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Jodi said...

What a doll your baby girl is! My eyes lit up at the spyrograph, my grandma used to have one of those sets at her house when we came to visit as kids - we loved it! Oh memories... :)

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