Thursday, December 20, 2012

St. Nicholas Day

Every year we celebrate
St Nicholas Day
on December 6th.
The kids leave a shoe out on the counter
and they wake up to find
some little candies that
St. Nicholas left in the shoe!
This year,
Daddy was working close by and was
able to stay at home...
So he even found a yummy
treat in his work boot!
This year the kids
found some little Reindeer Peeps
and a giant peppermint stick
in their shoes...
and Angelina found some
new hairbows!
Elsie is SO not a morning person,
but seeing candy treats in her
shoe sure did put a smile on her face
and give her a good attitude!
I love that Elsie is old enough to remember
celebrating these special
little days...
and I love hearing her tell her brother
all about past celebrations...
It makes it seem well worth my effort
to know that I am creating warm fuzzies for them,
And someday they will continue
these little celebrations with their own families...

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