Thursday, December 20, 2012


Every year, one of our little
is that Jon and the kids make a
gingerbread house on the
weekend closest to
St. Lucia Day.
We always plan ahead and buy a
gingerbread kit on the 75% off After Christmas sales...
Because James is a little
over bearing at times
{or maybe all the time!}
Jon and Elsie waited until he was in bed before
decorating the little house.
The first few year of gingerbread making,
Jon got very frustrated
with the house building part...
He now uses hot glue...
it keeps the house together much better than the frosting!
Elsie was very excited to stay up
super late and have
alone time with just mommy and daddy!
Elsie carefully decorated and got everything just right...

The 2 gingerbread house makers...
This cute little
gingerbread house now sits up on the
and maybe I have found James laying on
the counter more than once
attempting to pick
the little candies off the house and eat them!

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