Friday, December 21, 2012

Random Christmas with the Phone...

Lately I have been taking more random
photos with the phone,
simply because it is way easier to take a
pix one handed while cuddling the baby!
If someone comes over and asks to see James
little Christmas tree,
he happily shows them...
by dragging the whole tree to them!
I never know where I will find his little tree at!
 Sometimes I will walk around the house wearing
these fancy reindeer antlers...
and the kids don't even bat an eye at me...
can't decide if they blend in quite well
or if the kids are just so used to seeing me do crazy things they
don't notice...
 We have done plenty of baby cuddling
by the glow of the Christmas tree...
and James and Elsie have had to sleep under the
Christmas tree almost every night since setting it up!
 We get into the Holiday Spirit quite well around here!
James loves his new little blinky
reindeer nose!
 We have kept busy with lots of
Holiday crafting projects!
 We have been doing our best to eat by
the candle light of the
Advent wreath...
the kids love this!
Except James is greatly bothered because we can't
light all the candles on the wreath!
 One evening for our
"girl time"
after James was sleeping,
I taught Elsie how to make paper snowflakes...
{while nursing the baby!}
Yesterday I found lots of cute little
paper snowflakes she
made all by herself...
I later found all the paper clippings on the carpet!
 I managed to find some extra time to make an
adorable little
Holiday outfit for the baby...
And James has been wearing his Holiday shirt for at
least a week strait now...
Elsie said she was too old for a
Holiday shirt...
so she settled for a
Holiday sweater and wears it almost daily!
 And I am happy to say we are done shopping...
and I only had to go
shopping 1 time...
on a Saturday, with the baby...
it was crazy in town.
It re-established my love for
Online shopping!
Next year I will be doing all my shopping
online again!

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