Monday, December 3, 2012


Our house is all properly decorated for
With a newborn in the house,
I don't have quite so much extra time on my hands
for maintaining all the extra Christmas decoration...
so we have gone simple with our decorating
this year.
And we cut back the number of trees in the house...
we only have the one big one and 5 little ones...
2 are sitting all lonely in the garage waiting for next year!
James is all about Santa this year...
he loves to hear Santa stories
and hear about Santa bringing a gift on Christmas eve.
Elsie on the other hand, is all about
religious aspect of the holiday.
Elsie embraces the idea of Santa,
but knows it is all a fairytale and that
the Baby Jesus story is the real story.
One evening after James went to bed,
Elsie was able to set out the special nativity set out in the
dining room...
She was very excited to be given that honour!
It took her a long time to set it all up
just right.
I loved listening to her talking to herself about each
character as she set it out...
She calls the Wise Men,
the Wise Dudes.
First thing in the morning,
Elsie took her brother into the dining room to show
his the Nativity...
She was pretty proud of the fact that
she was able to set it up all by herself...
I love the way she set the scene up...
All the characters,
even the animals,
are looking at Baby Jesus
in the center.
All of our Nativity scenes end up looking like that!
And in true boy style,
one day I found the baby Jesus from the
Fontinini set,
in James pants pocket!
Good thing I have gotten into the habit of checking
pockets before washing...

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