Friday, November 30, 2012


This year Ted and Ceara hosted the big Thanksgiving feast...
My mom has always hosted the meal,
but when Ceara got married she claimed the holiday
for her own...
and my mom happily obliged!
Ceara planned the meal, cooked and decorated...
and it all turned out pretty perfect!
When we first walked in the door,
we were greeted with the sight of this big glass vase...
Everyone was instructed to drop their
smart phones in the vase for a nice peaceful meal of
no texting, facebooking, instagraming...
I thought the vase was a good idea!
 Everything was set up so pretty...
 They even moved all the living room furniture out
and set up tables and chairs for the
big group!
Ceara lined the tables with brown paper and had crayons
strewn about the table
so everyone could doodle while eating and visiting...
a fun idea!
And we even had fun little games to play...
thank goodness for pinterest!
 My sister Ana and her little crew made the 4 hour
 trip north to celebrate Thanksgiving...
and to see Angelina for the first time!
At the sound of the first little whimper from
Angelina, Ana and her boys were right there
to take her out of the carseat...
not that they were anxious to hold her or anything!
 We make it a point to not decorate for Christmas
until after Thanksgiving,
but James just couldn't contain his Holiday enthusiasm any longer
and he had to wear the mistletoe headband
to dinner!
 A week before Thanksgiving Elsie and James
helped Ceara make some little place cards...
Love that they even made one for Angelina!
 No one went away hungry!
Ceara did a whole new menu...without the traditional foods...
no stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc.
She did serve baked potatoes with all the toppings,
lots of veggies, wild rice, turkey, sweet potatoes...
all so yummy!
 Dinner is served...
 It was a fun meal...
lots of laughter!
 After the meal we all did a
little more visiting,
a lot of pie eating,
shared plenty of laughter,
the kids enjoyed a quick romp outside
in the freshly fallen snow...
 Angelina was a pretty happy girl for her
first Thanksgiving...
she slept for awhile, nursed a whole lot,
cried a little, had a massive poopie diaper
and stained up her new dress and tights!
 Play time for
Ana and Gus...
 Ceara read the kids some books...
all the kids love
auntie Ceara!
She always has a ton of exciting energy
and the kids feed of that!
 We had a very fun Thanksgiving...
the kids fell asleep on the car ride home
{and it was just a few blocks!}
Now that Thanksgiving is over...
let the Christmas festivities begin!
Our house is fully decorated and we have even pulled out the
jingle bells earrings!
All the Holidays, the family gatherings,
the little details and rituals...
it all makes this my most favorite time of the year!

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