Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Prep...

Thanksgiving prep is almost just as exciting
as Thanksgiving day.
When I was little it was a big thing to help prepare
the food for the big day...
My kids are no different,
they waited and begged to finally begin the food prep!
Since becoming gluten/dairy free,
my contribution to the big family dinner
has always been pies!
 We use the pie crust recipe from
Jon's mom and just use the GF flour.
Turns out perfect every time.
This year we made 2 Apple and 2 Strawberry.
We did cheat though and use an
apple pie filling instead of making our own.
Everyone still ate it though with no complaining!
 The dough is far too delicate to use a rolling pin...
{GF is just like that}
so we pressed it into the pie plates.
{See how lazy I was this year, throw away tins even!}
 The kids did a super job pressing the dough out
and making sure the thickness was even.
 I love the enthusiasm the kids have
for simple joys...
 And I love rolly poly 2 year old fingers...
 4 pie shells waiting for filling...
yum, yum!
We also made over 2 dozen baked potatoes
to bring for the meal.
And Elsie was able to go help Auntie Ceara
with more food prep.
Love that my kids are old enough to
enjoy and appreciate all the
little things that make
holidays special...

1 comment:

Danielle said...

So cute! Love the pics! My oldest helped put the cloves in the ham. He suddenly realized that not all baking is as simple and quick as making cookies. There were a lot of cloves to put in! He kept at it though! So funny!

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