Wednesday, November 28, 2012

5 Weeks...

My blog has been pretty quiet lately...
typically I blog at night after the kids are in bed,
but lately I have been focusing on
Christmas shopping at night...
in the comfort of my pj's with the baby
sleeping peacefully in my arms.
I love online shopping!
Happy to report though that the shopping
 is almost done!
I've never been done so early!
Somehow my little Angelina turned
5 weeks old on Monday...
 She is still the best baby.
very contented...
she loves to lay on the bed and just
look around,
all wide eyed!
 She has also become pretty good
at spitting up...
We brought her the chiropractor last week,
and they found that her jaw was out of place.
It was causing her to 'click' when
nursing and get air, thus spit up.
Since the adjustment, the spitting has gotten so
much better!
I guess an out of place jaw is very common for
babies born so fast.
The rest of her spine looked good,
so that was good!
 And I'm sad to say that her sweet
little high pitched newborn cry
is changing...
She is growing up...
 She is growing up so much
that tonight I packed away all her
preemie and newborn clothes...
She needs a size 3 months already!
Which means I get to go on a little shopping spree
for new clothes for her...
For some reason I didn't buy any clothes bigger than 0-3mo
before she was born!
Guess I was hopping she was going to stay
little tiny for longer than she has!
 Everyday as I sit and nurse little Angelina,
I think to myself,
How did we get so lucky to be
blessed with 3 perfect little people...

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