Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Baby...

We are kinda like
Christmas Freaks around here.
We embrace the whole holiday season properly
with blinky reindeer noses,
snowman bobble head headbands,
jingle bell earrings
mistletoe in every doorway
and santa and elf hats!
I am currently on the look out for some
tacky Holiday Sweaters for the kids and I...
because I really do think they are cute and festive!
Even little Angelina is forced to get in on
embracing the holiday...
we have a little santa hat she wears when we go out...
and a little Christmas sleeper...
next on my agenda is making some
little Christmas leggings for her!
James and Elsie both feed off my
so I have no doubt Angelina will be the same way!
We are still working on Jon.
At least he accepts the house being all
decorated and makes
no mention of the Santa hats and jingle bell earrings anymore...
I think he realizes that he is out numbered when it
comes to the Holiday Spirit in our house!
Wonder how he would respond to a
Holiday sweater?

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