Thursday, December 6, 2012


I like to have fun with my kids.
I think the best gift I can give my kids is simply
I will be honest though,
sometimes it is hard.
I see a pile of laundry to be folded,
dirt dishes to be washed,
and a floor full of toys to be picked up...
I have to make a conscious effort to put on my blinders
and have a little fun!
I want my kids to look back on their childhood
and have fun memories!
One this day,
the baby was sleeping,
dinner was over,
the kids were in my room digging around in the
closet and finding all my hats and accessories.
So I joined in on the fun...
They were laughing and
so, so wild!
James would make a funny face into the mirror
and it would send Elsie and I
into a laughing tizzy!
That boy can make the most hilarious faces... 
My kids are good at finding the joy in the everyday moments...
that makes me happy!
Those simple moments are the ones that
make my days so much brighter!

My girl and me!
James has been going to bed earlier lately,
which means Elsie and I are able to have at least
half an hour or more every night for our
Girl Time!
That Girl Time means so much to Elsie...
and I love having a little
one-on-one time with her
to do a craft, read or just talk!

Being that Jon works out of town all week
and I am pretty much the sole caregiver to the kids,
I find that these fun little moments are
so important...
Never stop having fun...
even if it is something as silly as
trying on hats and making faces at yourself in the mirror.
A daily laugh is must!

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Anonymous said...

love your outfit!

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