Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hospital Stay...

It's hard to believe that these pictures
were taken just 2 weeks ago...
Angelina has just meshed into our family
like she has always been there!
Our hospital stay was a little over 24 hours...
I was ready to go home!
Staying at the hospital is hard for me...
first I cannot eat any of the food due to being
gluten and dairy free.
So I am at the mercy of whatever people bring to me!
And, second, it gets very boring!
The morning Angelina was born the kids slept in...
like really, really slept in...
It was nearing 10:30 when Elsie woke up!
I guess that's what happens when you sit up in the middle of
the night waiting for your sister to be born!
So, after the kids finally got up,
Jon brought them up the the hospital to meet their
new sister...
Elsie immediately asked to hold her.
Love at first sight...
Elsie loves that she now has a little sister...
James is a typical boy.
He walked over to the bed,
looked at the baby...
touched her head and feet...
gave a few little kisses...
then happily sat on the couch and ate some popcorn and
watched some tv.
He loves his sister,
but really isn't all gaga over her like Elsie.
I find it funny!
After he got his fill of popcorn and tv,
he was ready to hold the baby.
I think we pretty much had to pry her out of
Elsie's arms!
Big brother
Big sister...
James is very gentle with Angelina...
love how he carefully is touching her with one finger!
I think by the time Jon made it up the hospital
with the kids, he was ready for a nap!
He did cuddle with the baby
and managed to sneak in a little nap!
Soon after the kids got to the hospital,
our first visitors stopped in...
Auntie Ceara and Braylon!
The kids were pretty proud to show off their
new sister...
And soon Grammie, Papa Wayne
and the whole clan came to see the baby...
I love this picture...
Elsie looks so happy to be showing everyone her sister!
Angelina was passed around to so many arms during her
first 24 hours!
For some reason I pretty much only
got her back when she had a
dirty diaper or when she started to cry!
My grandparents were even able to stop up
and hold the baby...
and I remembered to take a picture!
{I forgot to take one of them with both Elsie and James!}
The next day we were ready to go home!
Again the kids slept in...
so I had plenty of time to get myself and the baby all
ready to go!
Jon and James hauled our bags out to the car
and Elsie and I
got the baby dressed in the sweet little outfit
we had picked out months ago...
Before loading everyone up in the van
the kids had to admire her a little more!
It was a long nine months for everyone...
but Angelina is here and so perfect...
It makes those nine months worth it all!

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